Preschool Project: Alphabet Book

I have been a preschool teacher for 8 years and I have a three year old son.  Each week I will share an idea with you that I have used at school and/or at home.  Learning can be fun for preschoolers and it’s important that they learn to love learning at a young age!  Check out this week’s idea:

Preschool Project of the Week – Alphabet Book
Preschool Skills:  Letter recognition (upper and lower case), letter sounds, associating pictures with words, understanding whole words as individual letters – Fine motor (cutting and gluing) for the actual construction of the book

 We focus on a letter week at school and each week the children bring pictures or words that go with that weeks letter to add to out alphabet book.

Bug is very into letters and spelling right now so I thought it would be a great time to start his very own alphabet book.

This is a great way to put all those FREE magazines to good use!

And at the very minimum all you’ll need is construction paper, glue and scissors.  (And some way to “bind” the book together, staples, hole punch with string, etc.)  At school, I actually hole punch the pages and keep them in a three ring binder since it’s a year long class project.

We’re not following the one-letter-a-week approach with the one we’re working on at home – but it’s definitely not a one day project.  Which is good!  If you need a few minutes of peace, you can pull out a magazine and the alphabet book and assign them a couple letters to find!   Bug has asked every day for a week to work on his so we do a little each day.

We started out with a magazine on a hunt to find A, B and C.  Starting with just looking for the actual letters.  I clipped a few pictures that began with each letter and we talked about each letter’s sound (he is 100% with letter recognition but letter sounds is new territory for him).  And then looked at the pictures to decide which page each went on.

He found the letter “C” in the word “count” and I decided to include the whole word.  Including whole words helps them to understand how letters work together.


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