Earth Fare Trick-or-Trade-In: Swap candy for prizes and healthy treats!

Earth Fare-Trick-Or-Trade-In-Event 11/1-11/5Got too much candy? Need to get rid of it before the cavities set in?  Got an Earth Fare nearby?

 Earth Fare will be having a Trick-or-Trade-In event 11/1-11/5. all you have to do is take in your unhealthy candy for prizes and healthy treats! The prize list is as follows:

1-50 pieces= Goodie bag

100 pieces= Itty Bitty Bites Kid’s Meal

500 pieces =Itty Bitty Bites Lunch box

Thanks, A Penny Filled Pantry!

Also, check with your dentist.  Some are buying back candy at $1.00 per pound.  Then they send the candy to the military.  I’m sure you can get your kids to swap candy for cash!

I think this year (since Bug realllllllly likes candy) we are going to let the “Candy Fairy” come by and swap his bucket of candy for a new toy.

What do you do to get rid of the extra candy?

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