April savings from Upromise!

Upromise has recently update the e-coupon portion of their site.  New look, easier to use AND MORE COUPONS and participating products!

Buy Groceries today, pay for college tomorrow! Upromise updates their e-coupons at the beginning of each month!  Go activate yours today!

Haven’t joined Upromise yet?  What are you waiting for!  It’s the easiest way to save for college by simply doing what you already do – SHOP!

You simply link up any participating store loyalty cards you have (I have Winn-Dixie Rewards,
CVS Extra Care and the Publix upromise card).  You can load e-coupons onto the card each month (for example, $1 when you buy Bounty Paper
Towels).  When you make that purchase with one of the store loyalty cards you get that amount put into your savings.  Certain percentages of participating brands are automatically put into your savings when you purchase them using your linked cards as well.

There are many other ways to save for college with Upromise.  I encourage you to check them all out.  I just find that saving money for college by buying groceries to be the easiest way!!

My favorite coupons for April:
Bounty Paper Towels and Napkins
Wacky Mac
Florida’s Naturals
Musselmann’s Applesauce (don’t forget about the Musselmann’s Rewards Program – I love stacking rewards!!!)
New York Frozen Products
Sister Schuberts
Lucky Leaf Apple Juice and Pie Fillings 

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