Yard Sale Prep – How to price

We all love our stuff.  We know what we paid for our stuff.  But the people at our yard sale don’t care what we paid.  They know what they are willing to pay and that’s it.

I can’t stand a yard sale snob.  $5 on a pair of jeans?  Forget it!  $2 is the max I’ll pay. 

I read an article in a magazine (sometimes I wonder who writes these things) that said you shouldn’t price anything under 50c.  If it’s not worth 50c it shouldn’t be in a yard sale.  Are you kidding me?  That person (yard sale snob) obviously has never seen how much I make at a yard sale off of a 10 or 25 cent box. 

Obviously, yard sales in different parts of the country are going to be different.  But here in the South, we are serious about some yard sales.  The best ones start at 6am and the serious shoppers are there at 5:45.  Don’t put in your ad or on your signs “No Early Birds”.  I hate that!  If they want to get there before 6, that’s fine with me.  I may still be putting stuff out, they might have to dig through a box, but they know that.  In the south, if you advertise your sale as not starting until 8:00 you’ve missed out on 20-25% of your clientele!

But anyway, I’m getting off-topic.  I said all that to say, that down here, people are looking for a deal and you have to decide, do I want to price things to make myself feel good or do I want to get rid of some stuff?

If you’re like me, you want to get rid of stuff!  Here is how I price some of the more common yard sale items:

Shirts – Junior’s/Ladies: 25c
Sweaters – Mens or Womens: 75c
Pants – Ladies: 50c-$1
Pants – Mens dress or slacks: $1-2
Jeans – Mens or Womens: $1-$2
Polo Style Mens Shirts: 50c
Men’s Dress shirts: 75c
Jackets: $1
Shoes: 50c  (shoes don’t usually sell well, so price them cheap!)
Purses: 50c-$1

Large infant items:
Bassinet: $10
Stroller: $8-$10
Umbrella stroller: $3
Bouncy Seat: $3-$5

Baby clothes (Be very selective. Don’t try to sell overly stained articles!):
Onesies: 10-25c
Shirts: 25c
Knit Pants: 10-25c
Jeans: 25-50c
Sleepers: 50c
Two-piece outfits or dresses: $1

Picture Frames – 4×6, 5×7, 8×10: 25-75c
Decorative Pillar Candles: 50c
Candle holders and Vases: 25-50c
Large Framed Decorative pictures: – $3 (for around 11×14 size) to $10 (for mantle sized)

Curtains and Tablecloths, Shower Curtains: $1-$5(for more elaborate curtain sets)
Sheet sets: $3-$5 depending on size
Individual sheets: 50c-$1
Bath/Beach Towels: 50c
Washcloths: 10-25c/ea or bundle together for a deal (4/50c)

Books: 25c-$1
Jigsaw Puzzles: 50c-$1

Use your judgment on other items.  Research how much it cost new.  Look and see what used versions are selling for on Ebay.  Go with about 1/3 of what it sells for new or 1/2 of what it’s selling for used on Ebay.
Don’t be offended if someone haggles with you on the price.  On the larger items, know what your bottom dollar is.  If you don’t like someone’s offer, kindly refuse or counter offer.  You want to sell stuff, the buyers want a deal…everyone wants what’s best for them.  You have to decide if refusing their offer and being stuck packing that item back in the garage is really what’s best for you.

One of my favorite things to do is to advertise almost everything half price after 12.  I reserve the right not to go half price on the larger items but clothes, toys, books, doo-dads and what-nots are half price because I want them gone!  This is something I’ve done in the last 4 sales I’ve done and it has worked really well.  The first one I just did it.  As people showed up, I told them I was running an afternoon special.  The last three times I’ve actually put it in my ad that things would be half price after 12.

I consider myself somewhat of a pro at having yard sales, since I was involved in my first yard sale (that I can remember) at the age of 4 and pretty much have had at least one every year of my life since.  :)

You can catch up on all my yard sale prep posts here.

Have a yard sale tip?  Feel free to share it in the comments!

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