November Daily Goodie Boxes (+ how to win a bonus box!)

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I received my November Daily Goodie Box!  Did you?   If you not, you need to get signed up!   Daily Goodie Box will send you a box of free goodies and all you do is tell them what you think of the items you receive. Shipping is Free. No credit card required EVER!

I had to snap a picture of this month’s real fast because there were several things I wanted to dig in to right away!

Not getting enough of Daily Goodie Box?  Did you know they give out bonus boxes EVERY DAY on their Social Media pages?  YES, they do!  So be sure to visit them on Facebook:, Twitter: and Instagram:    Comment daily for a chance to win one!   Watch out for a reply to a comment with “Congrats! You just got a Goodie Box“.

I’m super excited about the Softer than Brittle, Love Grown cereal bowl, and the RISE beverage in this month’s box.  These are all new products to me so I can’t wait to try them out! (Ok, full disclosure, I tried the Cashew brittle as soon as I was finished taking the picture.)

Here’s everything that came in the November Goodie Boxes:

Love Grown – Kids Cereal Cups
Rise Brewing Co – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Blood Orange
Ecosafe – Vitamin C Gummies
Green Goo – 100% All Natural First Aid
Softer Than Brittle – Cashew
My M&M’S® – Personalized M&M’S®
Eat Your Coffee – Salted Caramel Macchiato Bars
Choice Organics Teas – Earl Grey Tea
All Good – SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion

After you get your box, be sure to log in to your account and review your items.  Getting your items reviewed makes you eligible for your NEXT goodie box!  There is no set time you have “claim” your box and no rush to get to the samples before they run out.  It’s as easy as (1) get samples, (2) review samples and (3) get MORE samples!  Rinse and repeat!


Here are a selection of questions and answers from the FAQ page of the Daily Goodie Box website that may help you:

  • Are Goodie Boxes Really 100% Free?

    Yes! If you are chosen to receive a Goodie Box, you pay nothing. Shipping is Free. No credit card required EVER!
  • Does Everyone Get a Goodie Box?

    That is our aim! We are doing our very best to send as many Goodie Boxes out daily as possible. However receipt of a Goodie Box is not guaranteed and based on availability.
  • How Do You Choose Who Gets the Available Goodie Boxes Each Day?

    This is very complex and many factors come into play.

    a) Have you already received a Goodie Box previously?
    b) If you have received a Goodie Box, have you completed your product reviews?
    c) Do your demographics match what the brands supplying the products are looking for?
    d) Do you show interest in this months products by viewing them from the ‘Products’ page?
    e) Is your shipping information up to date?

    Please know that we are sending as many Goodie Boxes out daily as we can. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get one right away. Receipt of a Goodie Box is not guaranteed and based on availability.

But you know what? You don’t get a Daily Goodie Box if you don’t sign up!

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