The Top Christmas Gifts in Our House

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Well, there were a few gifts this year that were a HUGE hit.  Some of them were expected.  Some were surprising.  Here are the top gifts from this Christmas:

This was no surprise – he only mentioned he really wanted this for Christmas twice a day for 82 days leading to Christmas.

It’s the LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty and it has 2295 pieces and it takes a LEGO-proficient 9 year old 6.5 hours over 2 days to finish.  

LEGOs obviously make this kid happy but he really flipped over this one.  He hadn’t asked for it for Christmas, but for almost the entire year, any time he would have his own money to spend he would gravitate toward this one at the store but he either didn’t have enough money or something else he really wanted won out on that trip.  But Mom watches.  And Mom won with this one!  Well, ok, Santa won with this one.  Don’t you always want to see that face when a present is opened?

It’s the LEGO City Great Vehicles Ferry.  

This is a gift I was hoping would be a hit!  It’s a Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet.   Christmas day, EVERYONE was making their mark on it.  Adults were getting a big kick out of it.  G has enjoyed using it for drawing and even working math problems on (yay!).  But mostly, we’ve played a ridiculous number of tic-tac-toe games on it.  

One fabulous Aunt gets credit for this hit Christmas toy!  We have a LOT of board games and we play games all the time.  But one game I had not thought of was Guess Who?    Auntie A to the rescue!  We have played so many games of Guess Who? since Christmas.

This one is a little surprising.  I got it mostly because I wanted some way to tame the LEGO mess in the house.  Yes, I got this mostly for me, and disguised it as a Christmas present.

It’s a drawstring bag playmat.  You play with the LEGOs (or other toys of your choice) on the mat, and then -zwoop- (like that word I made up?) you pull the drawstring and all the toys are in a bag with a handle.

Isn’t that genius???

What was surprising was how excited G was!  He LOVES the idea of getting to pour ALL his LEGOs out and play in them and Mom not losing her mind about it.

What gifts were big hits in your house this Christmas?


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