The Most Important App For Your Next Road Trip – Charmin’s sitORsquat Bathroom Finder App

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If you’ve ever been on a road trip, whether it be near or cross-country, you know the most important thing when travelling is being able to stop at clean restrooms!!  

I have my favorite places to stop on well-traveled routes.  And I know the restaurant and gas station chains that generally have clean restrooms so if we’re travelling somewhere new, I can make an educated decision on where to stop.

But sometimes, you need to stop and you just aren’t sure what the quality is going to be like.  Well, there is actually and app for that!

As we head into Labor Day Weekend, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, Charmin has relaunched their restroom finder mobile app, SitOrSquat, to help travelers locate public restrooms and bathroom information wherever they go.  The app allows you to find restrooms near you and see their rating (green for “sit” or red for “squat”).  

The latest update, which can be found in the App Store and downloaded for free, provides access to 100,000+ public restrooms nearby and makes it easier to find a clean one. Updates also include:

  • Improved app stability, security upgrades and overall performance
  • Clean locations have a green “Sit” rating. Less desirable ones have a red “Squat”
  • People can rate and review a bathroom and share their experiences with others

So get the FREE  SitOrSquat app before you hit the road on your next trip!

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