List of Disney Vacation Sweepstakes to Enter March 2017

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Feeling lucky?  How about entering a few Disney Vacation Sweepstakes!  I enter every one I find as many times as I can!  I have to win one day, right??

Win a Walt Disney World Vacation from Scholastic | Play Every Day for More Chances to Win (ends 3/21)

Redbook Magazine’s Magic is Endless Disney World Vacation Sweepstakes (ends 3/31)

Disney’s Be Our Guest to Endless Magic Vacation Sweepstakes (ends 3/31)

The sweepstakes on this list are legitimate Disney sweepstakes on official websites.  Be wary of scam giveaways!  Disney will never give away a vacation via a Facebook page.  Can I repeat that?  Disney will NEVER GIVE AWAY A VACATION ON A FACEBOOK PAGE!  They may advertise on their verified Facebook page but the link will take you to a page that is part of the site.  And you know it’s a Disney vacation sweepstakes because you will have to login with (or create) your Disney website account.  (If you’ve taken a Disney trip then you already have a Disney account – use that login).  Other companies, like Redbook Magazine for example, may giveaway a Disney vacation also, but it will be clear what company is sponsoring the sweepstakes and the sweepstakes will be hosted on their legitimate website.

Just in case the previous paragraph was unclear, I created a post, complete with nifty pictures to determine if a Disney sweepstakes is real or fake.  You can see that here.

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