Easy, Festive, Party Popcorn for Movie Night, Birthdays & Special Occasions



Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most.  Ok, usually all the time.  My son gets so excited over little things.  It’s one of my favorite qualities about him.  He can find something special and exciting in everything.  When I am feeling guilty because I’m long overdue on some extra special time with him but I’m for real running short on actual time.  I’ll get him to pick a movie and we’ll set a “date” to watch it.  And I always include a themed snack or two.  He really likes that touch!

One of my favorite, easy, themed snacks is what I call Party Popcorn.  Because, well, I had to give it a name.

We like kettle corn – the sweeter, less buttery popcorn.  So that is what I use for Party Popcorn.  I do not know how well this will work with normal, buttery popcorn.  I’m thinking, not very well.

The secret is….are you ready for this?   M&Ms. 

Yep, that’s it.  M&Ms.  I pick out the colors that fit our “theme”.  And there you have it.  The blue and orange above was for the night he picked out Finding Nemo for movie night.  (And it would have been a great snack for his Planes birthday party back in 2014.  I wish I had thought of this way back then!)

Obviously you’re limited but the colors found in the M&M’s bag but don’t forget around holidays and special occasions you can find specialty colored bags!



You can see for Captain America, I pulled out all the red and blue M&M’s.  We ever decorated for this party night.  Bug was on cloud nine!  He even wore his Captain America costume.  You can see more about our Captain America movie night here.

During the summer, you can even find bags of M&M’s that are red, white and blue!

During Christmas you can get red and green only bags.

During Valentine’s Day you can get bags of pink, red and white.

During Easter you can find pastels.


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