Nintendo 2DS Systems reduced $20 – now just $79.99

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For all parents out there looking for kid-friendly (and wallet-friendly) entertainment solutions for their children this summer, Nintendo has you covered.

Nintendo has dropped the price on their Nintendo 2DS systems!  Some may even come pre-loaded with Mariokart 7!

Nintendo 2DS is great for gaming on the go, especially with summer travel approaching. It comes with fun, built-in entertainment  and the ability to take photos and videos. It also offers wireless access to Nintendo eShop, a digital space that players can go to explore a large library of games for all types of players.There is even a Virtual Console service that offers access to some of Nintendo’s most classic games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. This is a great way for parents to introduce their kids to the games they used to love when they were children.
Built for kids and easy for small hands to hold, the Nintendo 2DS system plays Nintendo 3DS games, plus nearly all Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games in 2D.

Amazon hasn’t updated their list price yet, but per Nintendo’s announcement, Walmart has lowered the price on theirs!

Nintendo 2DS in Crimson Red $79.99 with free shipping or in-store pick up

Nintendo 2Ds in Electric Blue $79.99 with free shipping or in-store pick up

(It doesn’t not say if the ones available at Walmart have Mariokart 7 on them)

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