Ribbon Heart Valentines Craft



I like to make a cute little craft to send to Bug’s grandparents in the Valentine’s cards he makes for them. In years past I’ve used little handprints or thumbprints because Bug was so little. But this year, I wanted to do something that he could have a bigger role in making.

I think these Ribbon Heart Valentine’s turned out really well! I’m waiting for the phone calls from the grandparents so I can hear them gush over them!


  • Cardstock I used white.  But you could color coordinate with your ribbon and use pink, red or even black!
  • Scissors – these require precision cutting and I love my Cutter Bee Scissors!
  • Ribbon – I have a lifetime and a half’s supply of scrapbook supplies so I just raided my box (ok…boxes) of ribbon.  You can also use thin scraps of fabric or even strips of paper.  If you use a paper cutter to cut them you can get nice straight strips of varying sizes.
  • Glue – Good ol’ Elmer’s will work fine.
  • Optional – a small paint brush



Step 1: 

Draw a heart onto your cardstock.  You can make these as big or small as you want.  The size I made were small enough to get two per piece of 8.5×11 cardstock.  Now, you can do these two ways.  You can cut the hearts out of one piece of paper then cut an equal size piece to put the ribbon on.  Then you would place the heart overlay on top.  I found it easier to just draw the hearts on one side of the paper and fold it over so it was all one piece.  But this won’t work if you’re making larger hearts. Just know which way you want to do it before you start drawing and cutting.

Step 2: 

Cut out the hearts from the center.  (Again, love my Cutter Bee scissors for precision cutting!)

Step 3:

Apply glue to the half of the card or the sheet of paper you’ll be using for the ribbon.  You can use a small paintbrush to spread it out.  Just make sure you use a generous amount so the ribbon will stick.

Apply your ribbon strips.


Step 4:

Then before you fold it over (or add the heart cutout to the top) run extra glue around the edges.  Press down firmly and let dry completely.

I also thought about adding ribbon to the back for hanging but we made these so last minute I didn’t have time to do that before I needed to get them in their cards and in the mail.

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Here’s 9 more easy crafts for Valentine’s Day!

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