What is “Saving Toward A Better Life”?

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on September 24, 2014

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What is “Saving Toward A Better Life”?

Saving Toward a Better Life – the idea

“Saving Toward A Better Life” is a concept, a lifestyle.  Saving toward a better life means you are finding ways to save money towards whatever your better life is.

Paying off debt, saving up for a house, being able to pay for private school or college for the kids, taking that dream vacation, trying to get ahead so you’re not living paycheck to paycheck or supporting a household where one parent gets to stay home.  Whatever it is you’re saving for that’s your better life.

Saving toward a better life doesn’t look the same for everyone.  You may find your savings through coupons and getting all the best store deals.  

But that may not be your thing.  You might prefer saving at the grocery store without coupons by shopping sales and strategic meal planning.  You may also prefer to cut costs on dining out and money saving tips.  And stashing the extra money away for something special.   Maybe you’re looking for ways to actively make a little extra money.

All of these things add up to your saving toward a better life.  So get started saving!  You can visit the home page here to start finding the categories that interest you.  Or you can jump straight to the most recent posts here to see what’s hot now!

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Saving Toward a Better Life – the blog

I created this blog in July 2009 to help you save to your better life because that’s when I started saving for mine.  It was my plan to bring you all the best coupons, store deals, money saving tips, recipes and lots more great stuff!

You know what though?  All that great stuff takes time.

I love doing it but it takes time.  And truth is, “coupon blogs” are a dime a dozen.  Really.  And there are some BIG blogs out there and those bloggers make BIG money.  And they can hire people – which means they can bring you more deals because they have more man hours that little me, myself and I.  I do have to sleep sometimes.

Which means, I can’t compete anymore.  I can’t drop $100 on fancy blog plugins to make my blog do cool things.  I can’t hire someone at $10 an hour to write posts for me so I can have twice as many deals.  Does my blog make money?  Yes.  Does it make a lot?  No.  Two years ago I took my blog income (after I deducted hosting fees, blog maintenance costs and other expenses that come from running a blog) and divided it by a (conservative) estimate of hours I work (4-5 a day – at minimum – 7 days a week).  The result? I made just under $7/hr. That was two years ago.  Last year my income from the blog was lower…I was too depressed to calculate how much per hour I made.

Now, I’m not complaining.  But I think most readers don’t know what all goes into a blog.  So I’m explaining.  Why?  Because I’m changing my blog strategy.

I still want to bring you deals.  But if seven or more other blogs have posted the deal, I probably won’t because chances are, you’ve seen it.

I still want to help you save money.  Which is why I’ve streamlined the front page.  Find the money saving topics that interest you the most and find only that information.  I’m working on organizing the posts so they’re easier to find and updated.

I want to bring you more substance.  I love to write.  I wrote all the way through high school.  I was the editor of the school newspaper.  I was published in a national high school poetry anthology.  I went to college as a Communications major minoring in English.  I tossed around going into print journalism.  I want to write more than “hey, print this coupon.”  But I can’t focus on the substance when I’m trying to compete with the big blogs (see above).  I tell myself I’m going to do deals for an hour and then work on substance posts.  But after that hour is up, there are new deals.  So I try to do them and next thing I know, the day is gone and there are no substance posts written.

I want to hear from you!  What makes a blog one you want to keep coming back too?


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