$5/2 Clairol Product Coupon Controversy and $.50 Haircolor at Dollar General

I don’t typically blog much on Sundays so I wasn’t around much but I did catch on to the controversy on this coupon.

Yesterday’s (7/7) P&G Insert had a coupon for $5 off TWO Clairol products.  That was the exact wording.  But it shows haircolor in the picture.  Now, typically, what’s in the picture doesn’t matter.  You go by the wording.  And this says, “$5 off Two Clairol” which should include all Clairol branded products.

A question was posed on Clairol’s Facebook page about using it on Herbal Essences (which is a Clairol product).  Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner are on sale at CVS this week 2/$5 – so obviously this would mean FREE shampoo.

Clairol’s response was that the coupon was intended to be used only on Clairol hair color.  But “it is ultimately up to the retailer if they will honor it the way you’d like to use it. My best advice is to give it a try.”

Give it a try?  That’s really their response?  That doesn’t really help.

Should you try it on Herbal Essences products?  I really can’t say.  If the retailer accepts it and turns it in for redemption, I would hope Clairol would reimburse them since the mistake is on Clairol.

With that said, I can get free shampoo and conditioner all the time – what I cannot get on a regular basis is haircolor for $.50/box.

So I’ll be headed to Dollar General for this deal.

Clairol Hair Color $3.00
Buy (2) Clairol Hair Color = $6.00
use $5/2 Clairol coupon from 7/7 P&G
Pay just $1.00 for 2!

(Thanks, Addicted 2 Deals!)

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