Rite Aid +UP Policy Changes starting 9/2

Thanks to A Frugal Chick for keeping us up to date on the Rite Aid changes starting September 2nd, 2012:

your Up Rewards will be automatically added to your Wellness + card (unless you specifically request to have them continue to be printed).  The credit on the Up Rewards will not be available for use until 6 a.m. the next morning.  So if you were planning on doing multiple transactions at Rite Aid using credit- no more.

Obviously the benefit to this is you will no longer lose Up Rewards or leave them at home.  They will automatically expire in 14 days so you won’t find old ones in your wallet and get excited.

They also have a Rite Aid app for some phones where you can track your progress as well as online at Rite Aid’s website.

Rite Aid is also launching +UP Text Notifications so customers can track their +UPs on the go. Wellness+ members can text “REWARD” to “RATEXT” on their mobile phones to receive a weekly text of the number and value of the +UPs available on their wellness+ card. Rite Aid customers may also elect to continue having their +UPs printed on their register receipts if they wish. A +UP can be redeemed starting at 6 a.m. on the day after it was earned and expires 14 days after issue.

Watch a video explaining the changes here.

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