Gutzy Gear $25 Backpack Challenge

If you’ve been following along, for the last month I’ve been purchasing school supplies with $25 I was given by Gutzy Gear.  The goal was to purchase a backpack and fill it with as many supplies as possible with $25.

Well, as you can see from the picture, I purchased TWO backpacks and a total of FIFTY-FIVE school supply items…all with just $25.  Well, actually, just $24.60.  I couldn’t find anything to spend my last $.40 on.  :)

I shopped like a mad woman the last four weeks hitting up Office Depot and Staples for every penny item they put on sale!   My total savings was $63.84!   That’s about a 75% savings!

The backpacks and supplies will be donated to my church who will see to it that they get to where they are needed.

A big thanks to Gutzy Gear – and powered by Madame Deals Media – – for giving me the opportunity to participate!

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